Sextech and solutions for premature ejaculation

A brighter future for men who want to last longer in bed?

Future solutions for lasting longer

If you’re struggling with premature ejaculation, and you’ve tried slow breathing and delay sprays and condoms, you may be wondering whether you’re stuck with this thing.

And you wouldn’t be alone. One in three men find it difficult to last in bed. Early ejaculation is the number one sexual problem for guys.

There’s no shortage of products promising to help men last longer

They tend to fall into three categories:

1) Nutrition: Herbal extracts for boosting libido and stamina have existed for millennia. But their effectiveness just isn’t backed up by hard science.

2) Numbing: topical sprays, creams and delay condoms. Popular since the 1970s, with continual tweaking of the formulas and packaging. Numbing can be semi-effective too, but the applying and waiting and washing off ritual is far from optimal.

3) Antidepressant: SSRI pills, and their slightly mysterious side-effect of delaying the ejaculation response. This was discovered 20 years ago and it’s a valid treatment for PE, but other side-effects continue to be a problem.

So where’s the technological innovation for men who want to last a few more precious minutes in bed?

As a therapist working at the coal face of these frustrations, I keep an eye on new innovations that are backed up by research and testing. And there’s quite a lot to look forward to… potentially.

Here’s a quick run down of new products in the pipeline to help men overcome premature ejaculation. The Tomorrow’s World of ejaculation, if you like.

And just FYI: I’m not a sales affiliate for any of these things. There are links in this article and I don’t get anything if you click on them.


First up is a new device from pioneering male sexual health brand MYHIXEL.

It’s the follow-up to their MYHIXEL MED device, which launched a couple of years ago and made a pretty big impact. I wrote a blog post about the science behind it.

MYHIXEL billboard: the first day you went for a run, you couldn't last more than 3 minutes either

MYHIXEL CONTROL is a top-end self-pleasure gadget, which comes with a clever app to help guys train and incrementally build lasting confidence.

The new device takes the same approach as the original, but has enhancements. It promises an improved warming system for that life-like feel, improved vibration and it’s fully waterproof.

And significantly, it connects to the app via Bluetooth. The previous device didn’t talk to the app at all – you just used them at the same time.

MyHixel app screenshots and benefits list

So with movement and speed sensors, the app knows how you’re doing in the program and provides stats and feedback. This feels much more joined up.

Right now – January 2023 – the MYHIXEL CONTROL isn’t available yet, but they have a Kickstarter page where you can support the project and get earlybird access. Shipping is expected to begin in February.

The MOR by Morari Medical

This is a wearable skin patch that uses TENS technology to help delay ejaculation and, according to initial testing, increase the intensity of your orgasms too.

Morari MOR promo image

Before you ask, the wearer will just feel a gentle sensation around their perineum area where the device is attached.

The MOR uses neurostimulation to confuse the nerves that carry signals from the penis to the brain, and from the brain to the muscles that cause contractions and ejaculation. This device also communicates with an app so you can control the intensity.

I recently spoke with Jeff Bennett from Morari and we covered the potential for this device in some depth.

The MOR is undergoing testing and approval, and it’s making good progress – including raising over $500,000 through a Westarter campaign. Visit the funding page to find out more and support the project if you like the sound of it.

The in2 patch from Virility Medical

There’s another patch device in the works, also known as the Vpatch.

This skin patch is also applied to the perineum area, and uses muscle stimulation technology to help men contract their pelvic floor muscles and postpone ejaculation.

in2 product range from Virility Medical

The in2 patch is disposable and intended for single use, coming in low and high intensity versions. And there’ll be an in2 Smart reusable patch that also connects to an app via Bluetooth for more control over the intensity of stimulation.

Again, the in2 patch isn’t available yet but you can visit Virility Medical’s website to see more info and updates.

Pharmaceutical innovations for premature ejaculation

These new training devices and patches will get plenty of take-up, I’m sure.

But what about straightforward meds, I hear you ask. Why can’t I just take a pill before sex to help me last longer? Is there still no Viagra equivalent for PE?

Well, there are medications that delay the ejaculation reflex, and they’ve been around for a while now. But they aren’t a straight-forward solution, unfortunately.

SSRI antidepressant medications are prescribed to men with PE for their ‘arousal dampening’ side-effect. A problematic side-effect for some people, but for these guys it’s all good thank you very much.

SSRI pills

But if you go down this route, you’re taking a fairly heavy-duty antidepressant pill every day when you may not have depression. There can be heavy-duty side effects too, and the effect of taking this medication for prolonged periods still isn’t fully understood.

Also there’s dapoxetine, branded as Priligy. That’s an SSRI specially developed for PE. It’s fast acting so can be taken on-demand, more like Viagra.

Great, but again the side effects can outweigh the benefits:

A lot of guys find that dapoxetine does help in the bedroom. For some it’s a revelation of what their bodies can actually do. But those side-effects. A significant proportion of these guys give up on dapoxetine and then feel a bit stuck.

So a pill that can be taken on-demand, makes sex last longer and doesn’t have horrible side-effects. That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?

Well, medical science is working on it.

Kanna plant extract for lasting longer

For example, biopharmaceutical company Kanna Health. They’re developing a novel medication for premature ejaculation derived from alkaloids found in the kanna plant.

And as they state on their website, the kanna plant has been used for mood and performance enhancement by the San and Khoikhoi communities in South Africa for hundreds of years.

Interestingly, the plant’s active compounds act as a rapid-acting SSRI, but clearly differentiated from regular SSRIs.

Kanna Health have a patent application in the works, and say that the pharmacological profile of their compound is ideally suited to an acute, on-demand medication that treats premature ejaculation.

Now this project is pre-clinical and will undergo immense testing and development – so it’s early days. But you can follow updates on Kanna Health’s website and it’s interesting stuff.

Note – there are quite a few kanna plant extract supplements on the market for helping boost mood and lower anxiety. These are not the compound that Kanna Health are developing and if you’ve seen some of my other videos about herbal supplements, you’ll know that I’m sceptical about any benefits.

Dicot neobeguea mahfalensis extract is another contender

Another pharmaceutical research company is working on a premature ejaculation treatment based on a decoction made from the neobeguea mahfalensis tree.

This extract has long been used in its native Madagascar to treat failing sexual ability in older guys. So again this is taking a traditional medicine, extracting the active substances – libiguin in this case – and seeing what can be developed in terms of a legitimate, fully approved medication.

And so far, their research is sounding positive. Dicot aims to treat both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation with significantly longer duration of effect (studies suggest 7 days) and minimal side effects. What’s not to like about that?

Quote from Dicot website: LIB-01 can have an effect lasting at least 7 days

Again – we’re not there yet. Dicot are planning to enter clinical trials in 2023 and I’m sure there’s plenty of testing and approval to be done. But more info is available on Dicot’s website and they have a handy YouTube video that summarises the good work they’re doing.

A promising future for men who struggle with PE. But what about now?

If you’re watching this and thinking “yeah great but what about this weekend?” – there’s plenty you can do about early ejaculation, right now.

See my other videos for advice and even some hacks.

Building up your sexual skills is key here. Products and gadgets can certainly help with that, but they aren’t the solution.

The sexual dysfunction label isn’t always helpful or accurate; getting better at relaxing into sex is way to go for most guys. And doable for most guys too.

So there we have it. Have I missed something? Quite possibly.

Are you developing or innovating something we should know about? Let me know in the comments or get in touch!

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